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  1.  标准普通话,发音清晰,吐字准确,板书整齐
  2. 擅长调动学生(目前是5-16岁)的积极性
  3. 有效地把握课堂的学习节奏和教学秩序
  4. 鼓励学生参与,创造良好的互动教学
  5. 关心爱护学生,保护学生安全
  6. 好的团队精神
  7. 合法居留工作,有效签证时间较长
  8. 最好有相关经验 









       本校2022年秋季九月份新生招生现在开始。计划招收一个预科班(Foundation Class), 目前我们学校已经恢复正常面授教学,上课时间每周星期六下午二点开始,二个小时,中途休息十分钟,四点钟下课。







Ravenswood Primary School

Ravenswood Road Newcastle upon Tyne

NE 6  5TU




1 年满五岁(2017/09之前出生)。









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Frequently Asked Questions

Admissions Criteria
The general rule is that the child does not need to be of Chinese origin and he or she can join the Mandarin School once they are in Year 1 of their day school. However, we could only accept children where their learning will be supported at home. From past experience, we find children without the additional Chinese language support at home tend to lag behind those with the appropriate support. These supports entail going through homework or tasks set. Since lessons are only carried out once a week, the teachers are not able to provide extra support to individuals during lessons.
What is the minimum and maximum age for my child to join the school ?
The child will need to have good concentration levels and basic handwriting skills due to the intensive nature of learning Mandarin. We recommend the child should be attending at least Year 1 in their day school. From experience, we find they settle in easier and are more receptive in class. The maximum age is 16 years old.


We are located at:

Newcastle Mandarin Chinese School locates in 

Ravenswood Primary School

Ravenswood Road

Newcastle upon Tyne


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Opening Hours

13:30-16:00 on Saturday (Term time only)

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