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HSK Test Fees

Test fees might differ due to exchange rates of different countries. Test takers need to contact with the test centers they wish to take the test for test fees. The following is the HSK test fees for test centers in Beijing and Shanghai in RMB (Chinese yuan):


Writing Test

Speaking Test



200 (Beginner Level)



200 (Beginner Level)



300 (Intermediate Level)



300 (Intermediate Level)



400 (Advanced Level)



400 (Advanced Level)


Test Principles

The new HSK test follows the principle of "test-teaching correlation", bases the design of the test on the current trends in international Chinese language training, and is closely related to textbooks. The purpose of the test is to "promote training through testing" and "promote learning through testing". The new HSK test emphasizes the objectivity and accuracy of the evaluation and stresses the learners' actual Chinese language abilities. The new HSK test sets clear test objectives to allow the test takers to be able to improve their Chinese language abilities in a systematic and efficient way.


Testing Purposes

The new HSK test retains the former HSK's orientation as a general (or universal) Chinese language abilities test for adult learners. The results of the test can serve several purposes:
(1) A reference for an educational institution's decision-making concerning recruiting students, assigning students to different classes, allowing students to skip certain courses and giving student academic credits.
(2) A reference for employers’ decision-making concerning the recruitment, training and promotion of test takers.
(3) A method for Chinese language learners to assess and improve their proficiency in Chinese.
(4) A method for Chinese language training institutions to evaluate training results.

Results Certificate

Test takers will receive the results for the new HSK test issued by Hanban within three weeks after the test.

Functions of HSK Certificate

(1) Offers a reference for educational institutions to recruit students, classify students, exempt students from some courses and grant credits;
(2) Offers a reference for employers to employ, train and promote employees;
(3) Offers a reference for Chinese language learners to understand and improve their ability to apply Chinese;
(4) Offers a reference for related Chinese teaching institutions or training organizations to evaluate teaching standards and the effectiveness of different training.

Hanban, the Confucius Institute Headquarters is the organization which holds HSK Test. Hanban is a public institution affiliated with the Ministry of Education in China. It is committed to providing Chinese language and cultural teaching resources and services worldwide, it goes all out in meeting the demands of foreign Chinese learners and contributing to the development of multiculturalism and the building of a harmonious world.

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